[SPOIL] Chapitre #907 spoiler

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[SPOIL] Chapitre #907 spoiler

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Thanks Den_Den_Mushi from Oro Jackson Forums.

907 The Hollow Throne

Mama and Kaido are talking on the phone
Kaido has a large $$ debt to Mama, she tells him to go after the Straw Hats
Kaido says he'll kill them/her if they come
Mama replies that this is not a discussion and hangs up

Marine HQ is tapping their call and flip out. Kizaru suggests that he will go
But he's not sure just how strong the samurai of Wano are so he'll put that on hold

Pangea's throne is commonly known as the hollow throne. Stelly comes up to it
He wants to sit on it but is stopped by his associate
It is said that the throne is a symbol of peace, the heart of the world that no king can sit on
But Stelly doesn't listen and insists on having his way

Shirahoshi is seized by St Charloss
Lucci stops Leo from getting her back
Lucci says if he didn't there would be a war
But Neptune goes after Charloss
But another Celestial Dragon, St Mjosgard appears and knocks Charloss off his feet

The Gorosei meet Shanks
'What do you want?'
Right now is Reverie, politics isn't something that should concern you'
'We'll take the time for you'
'Thank you.'
'Ask away.'
'We have something to talk to you about. A certain pirate...'

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Re: Chapitre #907 spoiler

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Full summary, thanks to YonkouProductions.

Chapter 907: The Empty Throne.

The chapter begins with Big Mom calling Kaidou about something which he adamantly refuses. Big Mom makes it sound like it's an offer he can't refuse because he "owes her one."

Whatever he owes her is something pretty huge because when Mom brings it up he tries to play it off. "That was a long time ago!"

But Mom says "Nope, it's a lifetime favor."

Kaidou: "I'm the one who has a beef with that Strawhat Kid, Linlin...you come here, and I'll kill you."

Mom: This isn't a discussion. I'm taking his head, and that's it. Rather what I want is that we team up....like the old days.

The Marines get the information that Big Mom made a move and are of course running panicked.

Especially when it's confirmed she's in touch with Kaidou. They've bugged the conversation and hear the possible collaboration going down.

Kizaru wants to head out there, but Akainu says there's an "unheard of military force" in Wano....and Kizaru says "Oh you mean the Samurai"?

Meanwhile Garp is being chewed out by Momousagi because he's not taking the threat of two of the Yonkou going after his grandson seriously.

Wano is a country not participating in the Reverie so they're out of the Marine's jurisdiction.

Sidenote: Interesting that Hina refers to Garp as "Garp-kun".

Anyway she points out as the hero of the marines he should be concerned about this and Garp does say that before Roger's time it was their era, but the past is the past.

Hina's still worried about what this means, and Garp says with a smile. "Yeah it'd be really bad if they revive (their union) --it'd be an incident far beyond our imagination."

Back on Mariejoa, Stelly is asked to "pledge" before the empty throne.

He wants to sit in it, but the guards tell him he's not allowed to. Every king of every nation is supposed to be equal and he's being asked to pledge he won't try to monopolize or become filled with greed.

The throne is protected by 20 weapons to represent the 20 people that formed to create the nations as they stood before this throne and pledged themselves.

No one sitting in it is a sign of peace. It's like a sign of the utmost pride for the Celestial Dragons and the Gorosei as a figurehead that there isn't just one "king".

They're explaining this but Stelly only hears how whomever sits there is the King of the world, and so he really wants that seat.

Meanwhile Charloss is trying to take Shirahoshi by force. He's determined to make her his pet. Vivi and Rebecca try to step in but they know challenging a Celestial Dragon could get their countries destroyed.

Leo goes to save, but Lucci and the CP0 stop him --It's Kaku, Stussy and another in a mask.

Lucci says Celestial Dragons are gods who created this land and they are simply kings of the earth as opposed to heaven. Vivi says that this is illogical, but Lucci replies that Gods needn't heed logic.

Neptune thanks Vivi for standing up for Shirahoshi, but talks are over now, and he's going to take her back by force then return to the sea.

He laments that he couldn't keep the promise to Otohime, and Charloss commands Lucci to kill him for daring to oppose him.

Luckily another person stops Charloss by hitting him with a club to the face, and it's another Celestial Dragon who apologies for Charloss's actions and calls Lucci off.

He says that he knows Neptune even though he probably has forgotten him --and has been waiting to return this favor to Ryuguu. He drifted ashore to their kingdom 10 years ago and was admonished by Otohime's tears, so now he wants to help them.

His name is Donquixote Mjosgard

Meanwhile the Gorosei welcome in someone and make the guards leave so they have privacy, commenting that they only allowed this person time because of who they are.

The person thanks them and says he'd like to speak about a certain Pirate...

It's Shanks.


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Re: Chapitre #907 spoiler

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Re: Chapitre #907 spoiler

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Et le podcast :
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