[SPOIL] Chapitre #905

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[SPOIL] Chapitre #905

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Spoilers chapitre 905: (source Ritual)
Quick Summary
Title: The Beautiful World

New marine HQ (New Marineford) is on the other side of the Red Line,It resembles the old Marineford and protects Mariejoa.
Upon hearing that Fujitora has returned Sakazuki is furious as he told him to bring back Luffy and Law's heads.
He contacts Admiral Green Bull
The kings arrive at Mariejoa one by one
Stelly, the king of Luffy's hometown the Goa Kingdom is seen
Sabo infiltrates the venue dressed as a Goa Kingdom soldier
Green Bull is nothing but a silhouette (we only see his silhouette?)

Thanks to @ScotchImformer and 5ch
Translated by: @Den_Den_Mushi
In the cover we see Orlumbus in his room putting away his clothes.
- First pages is a double page with "New Marineford". Amazing illustration.
- Sakazuki is talking with T-Bone about Fujitora.
- We can see 4 new King/Queens from Reverie.
- Neptune arrives with Shirahoshi and his 3 sons. Garp has been escorting them.
- Sterry is in shock when he sees Garp.
- Fujitora and Green Bull talks in Mariejoa. We can only see Green Bull shape, only part of his/her face (I can't say if is a man or woman).
- Sterry sees some crows and he's afraid. A soldier says it's all OK, he's Sabo.
Petit encart sur VegaPunk mais à prendre avec des pincettes
From 5ch, here is the conversation between Greenbull and Fuji.
"What about Vegapunk?"
"He finished something unbelievable."
"yeah, it means we don't need shichibukai anymore"
Merci TheM
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Dans les capitaines, je suis Moria ... trop sympa les gars :/

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Re: Chapitre #905 spoiler

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Merci à YonkouProductions.

Chapter 905: A Beautiful World.

So it looks like Marineford was moved to be placed in *front* of the red line so they can better protect the Mariejois.Akainu gets news that Fujitora is trying to return to base, but he won't let him in until he brings back Law and Luffy. Ah, T-Bone from the Water 7 arc is making the report. Long time no see. Even Sengoku is giving Akainu a hard time, but he commands someone to go to Mariejois. The royalty starts to show up, The Rosshuwan (probably Russian) kingdom's Biiru the 6th with his matryoska daughters, lol. Then Bollywood kingdom's King Hamburger who apparently walks really slowly but says his will will never bend. Dajin kingdom's queen Morolon, Shishyano kingdom's King Tacos, and then of course Neptune and Shirahoshi. The text box reveals that while the gathering has occurred for 200 years, the Mermaid Kingdom has only attended twice. They're escorted by Garp. Ah, Morgans is there, for the big news scoop though he's fallen for Shirahoshi. Stelly accosts Garp asking if he knows who he is, and Garp's like "Some brat? Get out of my way." Stelly's offended, and says that he'll remember this, while Morgans points out that some of the worst people in the world have come from there, (Goa)--Luffy, Ace, Garp, Dragon, Sabo and so on. Stelly tries to convince Garp to let him look good since he wants to become a Tenryuubito, but Garp ain't having it. He calls the Tenryuubito trash, and then is like "Ooops, shouldn't have said that. Let's keep that between you and me."

Stelly's like "This person's terrifying...!!"

Neptune tries to step in to help out but Stelly is terrified of the merfolk and faints. Apparently he has the misunderstanding that if they touch humans they can contract some sorta disease.

Some really nice art as Shirahoshi sees the sun and comments on how endless the sky is.

Cut to Fujitora talking to someone --he wants to wreck the current system as he thinks the Shichibukai are unnecessary. We don't see Ryokugyuu's face but apparently he's in the middle of fasting and won't eat with Fujitora. He hasn't eaten in three years? He's like "if some hot chick offers me food I'll eat it."

To the revolutionaries where Betty and Koala are talking --their aim isn't to destroy the govt, but the Tenryuubito.

Back to the gathering where Stelly is trying to convince Hamburger that he saw something huge peaking down on them. Hamburger doesn't believe him, and.....Stelly is just frightened of everything. He asks a guard for a gun but the guard says there's no need for it. That he's safe with him.The guard is Sabo. End.

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Re: Chapitre #905 spoiler

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