[SPOIL] Chapitre #754 : spoiler

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Chapitre #754 : spoiler

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Chapter 754 Please to make your acquaintance
The sea-cop-dog happens to live in the same town as the sea-kitty. He leads the way.

Kin'emon cries in joy as he is reunited with Kanjuro in the underground.
There are many others, including soldiers, trapped here as well.
Kanjurou "the shower" (as in sparse rain), samurai of the Wano, is a tall man dressed like Kabuki, sporting a large brush on his back.
As Kin apologize for taking so long, Kan tells him to worry not, with his power he would never starve.
Kan speaks with old-fashioned samurai speech pattern.

The two plan to leave the place.
As the other prisoners wonder how they are going to get out, Kan draws a large sparrow on the wall.
The sparrow comes to life, but due to Kan's terrible drawing skills it has a little hard time flying lol.
The soldiers beg to be taken with them back to the surface, they are worried of their king and the citizens.

The 2nd level of the palace
As the family grunts try to stop Luffy & co from advancing, Blue Gilly stops them with his kicks.
But Dillinger leaps to Gilly and knocks him out with a high-heel kick.
Luffy calls out the long-leg, but Cavendish tells him not to worry.

... This game is filled with lies, Caven tells him.
There's no way Doflamingo is planning to end this even with all the bounties caught.
At the moment his secrete about the exporting of weapons and turning people into toys became known, he will try to conceal it all by killing every one in the whole country. The only way to end this game is to take Doflamingo's head.
But Doflamingo made one big mistake... and that is bringin all these powerful people from around the world in the colisseum.
We are strong, and we will not fall. And most importantly... because I'm going to take out Dofla myself!

Luffy objects, saying he's the one to take out Mingo.
To which Law says no, me. Kyros objects as well, it is his duty to take the head of Dofla.
Luffy tells Kyros "I thought you were going after the officer!?"
But Kyros replies that is for a personal reason, it is his DUTY to restore King Riku's rule.

As the four argues on who is going to be the one to take on Doflamingo, they arrive at the 3rd stage.
Large figures blocks their way... creepy skeletal looking toy soldiers with large mouths stand in their way.

Meanwhile, Zoro vs Pica

Pica is already out of breath, and Zoro mocks him... how were you even thinking to take on the Straw Hat Luffy if you're already having trouble?
Pica shouts, and shoots out an extended long punch (like Luffy)
Zoro runs towards Pica's body as he slices the arm into three pieces.

Before Zoro reaches Pica's body, Pica's eyes lose light.
Zoro slices him in half, but notices Pica has "left the body" already. He ran away to the larger statue.
As Pica attacks Zoro with tentacles sprouting out of the statue, Zoro notices Robin and others gliding towards him.

Why are you guys flying!? Zoro exclaims
Robin tells her they need to get to the other side of the statue, and asks Zoro to hold the enemy off.
Pica notices Rebecca, and controls the statue to punch the three with his massive left arm.
Barto panics, his barrier isnt' large enough to withstand the size of the punch.

Zoro notices Pica had "entered" the body of the statue, and uses a massive 1080 Pound Canon to slice Pica's torso vertically, through the head!
Pica's "main body" is damage, and spews blood.
Zoro says he is getting the hang of how to fight Pica.

He tells Pica that Straw Hat Pirates isn't just about Straw Hat Luffy and God Usopp...
Remember me, for I will one day become the greatest swordsman in the world! You're not even on my level.

Barto is screaming in joy, almost passes out trying to say "Zoro sempai" ecstatically (it comes out gibberish, 'dorotempaaaeeee")

End of chapter

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Re: Chapitre #754 : spoiler

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Re: Chapitre #754 : spoiler

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Hop, le chapitre en anglais !