[SPOIL] chapitre #753 spoiler

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chapitre #753 spoiler

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Les fanarts d' Ishuhui.com :

Et un résumé par redon d'Arlong Park (merci à lui ^^) :
- Tittle: War.
- In the cover, Jinbe takes sea kitten to the sea dog Police.
- Bellamy asks Doflamingo why he tried to kill him. Doflamingo says they have different goals: Bellamy wants be a pirate, Doflamingo wants detroy the world.
- Dellinger Vs Suleiman. Dellinger gores Suleiman.
- Chinjao's climbing the wall to level 3 but Gladius uses "Jirai Panku" to blow up the wall.
- Machvise uses "10 Ton Weiss" to attack Boo. Lao G hits Orlumbus. Baby 5 uses "Revolver Leg" to attack Dagama.
- In the SMILE Factory, Inhale uses the wasps to create words in the sky that factory's dwarfs can read.
- Inhale ask them to open the door from the inside, factory's dwarfs attack Doflamingo's subordinates.
- Kyros wants to kill Diamante.
- Gladiators open a new road for Luffy and co., they are fighting with Dellinger, Machvise, Lao G, Baby 5 and Gladius (Dagama is gored by Dellinger too).
- Cavendish uses "Biken: Saint Exupéry" to create spiral stairs in the wall, meanwhile Luffy uses "Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling".

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Re: chapitre #753 spoiler

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Spoil de Aohige_AP d'Arlong Park :
chapter title "War".
coverstory is Sea-dog policeman listening to the Sea-kitty's cries.
(from Japanese children's book, Dog cop and lost kitty)

Dofla's reminiscence of the past was interrupted by Bellamy.
He asks why Dillinger was sent after him, and if he's just not cut for the family.

Doflamingo says the problem is, your goal and mine are not the same.
You just want to be a pirate... I don't really care about piracy, I just want destroy the world!

on the 2nd level of the palace, Doflamingo family and the Coliseum warriors clash.
Dillinger fights Suleiman, telling him he is fond of the warrior's "executioner" title. He says he loves execution too, as he headbutts Suleiman with his horned head, impaling the tall warrior.
Blue Gilly warns the other warriors of the officers' strengths, meanwhile Chinjao ignores them and climbs the palace wall.
However, Gladius had a Mine Punk installed on the walls, which explodes and sends Chinjao back down.
Mach Vice 10t Vice and crushes Boo, while Lao G punches Oorumbus away as Baby 5 kicks Dagama.
The first round seems to go in favor of the officers

Meanwhile in the southern town of Sepia
Men who were controlled by Doflamingo have been taken down and neutralized.
They thank the other citizens for stopping them before hurting their own friends and family.
Another citizen reports the sighting of King Riku and God Usopp.
They grab their weapons and head to capture the two, in hopes to use them as hostage to make the other bounties give themselves in.

Inside the SMILE factory, the slave masters are working the tontattas, telling them not to heed the ruckus outside.
But right on the ceiling window, pink bees form sentences to send messages to the Tontattas outside.
"Open the door from inside!" "You were all deceived!" "FIGHT BACK!"

The Tontattas realize it's the work of Bian, and that they were duped to working for lies.
They revolt, and takes out the slave masters!

Meanwhile, Luffy and Cavendish are advancing on his horse.
Kyros hops on the horse, to which Caven screams to get off his horse, as it's overcapacity.
Luffy ignores Caven and chats with Kyros, letting him know Rebecca is on the way to meet up.
Kyros is after Diamante, he wants to take revenge on the executive for what he has done.

Luffy & co comes across the gladiators who were fighting the officers.
They've gotten back on their feet, and banded together to fend off the Donquixote officers.
They tell Luffy that they will hold the ground here, and to go forth ahead.
Dillinger impales Dagama, but even in pain Dagama screams to Luffy to head to the top!
Luffy and Caven acknowledges their courage, and both use their moves to clear the way for the horse to advance.

The coliseum fighters no longer are fighting on their own, they've come together to fight for a cause!

End of chapter.

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Re: chapitre #753 spoiler

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Scantrad chinoise :

Aohige_AP a écrit :The title "War" comes from Dagama's line "I am the war strategist Dagama! And this is War!" as he declares this as a state of war, and takes command of the warriors.

Also, when Dillinger impales him with his horns, Dagama, with horns stuck inside of his body, grabs onto Dillinger's head so he cannot pull his horns out of him, effectively trapping Dillinger in his arms, while he tells Luffy & co to go on ahead.

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Re: chapitre #753 spoiler

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