Chapitre one piece 925 – Harry Potter est de retour

Un petit entracte avant de reprendre les hostilités dans ce chapitre de one piece 925 ?

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SPOILER en anglais

Starting with Perona reading the newspaper tearing up by the headline about Moria and his zombie army. She decided to leave while Mihawk tell her to be careful on the way and state that it’s a good timing for her to leave since something interesting has been brought up at the Reverie. µPirate island HoneyComb(BB’s territory): Moria and his army are demanding Teach to come out, they are here to find Absalom. Then a fake Absalom appears, seeing that he’s safe, Moria let down his guard and get attack by shiryu, who now have the ability of suke suke no mi(Absalom’s invisible powers). Turns out the fake Absalom is Katarina Devon, she is a mythical zoan type user, model ninetail fox.

Moria: How dare you! Did you kill him?!

Devon: we still have the body, you want it?

Teach then laugh through the Den Den Mushi with earthquakes/Tremor , saying that this island is a paradise of pirates, everyone must be happy! Also saying that Moria should join him if he likes parties Blackbeard: you saw the newspaper this morning? the Revolutionary Army is fighting Fujitora and Ryokugyu for 4 days into the Reverie to take back Kuma! Wano, where that “Monster” kaidou lives, the strawhats and the other brats are gathering! That crazy yonkou Big Mom is also going there!

Blackbeard: what do you think? It’s happening! The strong ones are now fighting over that one throne!

BB’s Bounty: 2 billion 247 millon

Wano Second Act Begin: Shutenmaru is fighting with Inuarashi,they seem to have equal strength,while kinemon is trying to convince him.

Kinemon: have you forgot what kind of man I am?! I will make sure you join us once again!

Shutenmaru: You think everyone will be happy now that oden’s Samurais are back?! you guys abandon here for 20 years! That blank cannot be covered!

Tama is already recovering under chopper’s care,her wounds didn’t seem to be that severe. Chopper told her that she doesn’t need to worry about Luffy and Raizou says he will help Luffy get out. Onigashima Island: Jack is being scolded by 2 Other Calamities. King of the fire and Queen the plague King and Queen seem to have a relationship similar to Sanji and Zoro. Jack: I am sorry, big brothers



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