[SPOIL]chapitre #935 spoilers

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[SPOIL]chapitre #935 spoilers

Message par Monkey D » jeu. mars 07, 2019 8:02 am

From @EtenBoby

Chapter 935:Queen
Cover:Smoker is smoking but it’s being put out by the mouse Fire brigade

Luffy kicked the scorpion guard and knock him to the ground, saving grandpa Hyo.
A bunch of guards are screaming and shouting for Luffy to be put to death.

Queen bounty: 1.32 billion berries

Raizou comes into the prison to save Luffy, the warden of the prison is a elephant smile using headliner.
Last page, Raizou runs past one of the cell, the mysterious prisoner stops him and asked if Momonosuke is alright, he’s Kawamatsu of the Nine Red Scabbards

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Re: [SPOIL]chapitre #935 spoilers

Message par Kdom » jeu. mars 07, 2019 1:40 pm

Chapter 935 Queen
Cover: the mouse fire brigade thought it was on fire and put out Smoker’s smoke

The vice warden of the prison, Sortia(monkey smile), get the report that the key to the sea stone handcuffs was stolen by a man with big face.
He’s of course talking about Raizou, who’s hurrying over to Luffy’s side now that he got the key.
Luffy knock the scorpion guard Dafgo(?), a headliner, on to the ground.
Other guards: “Death Penalty! Death Penalty!”
The prisoners all thought grandpa Hyo and Luffy were going to died and start crying.....
Dafgo(?) think there must be something wrong with the sea stone handcuffs, but the warden stated that Luffy just have a stronger will than normal people there’s nothing wrong with the handcuffs.
Luffy: “I am training right now! I hope when I take this thing off, I will become stronger!!”

The warden, headliner(elephant smile), Babargy(?) shout: “But you won’t even get to see tomorrow’s sun!” and attack

Luffy was knock onto the ground in one hit, grandpa Hyo hurry over to check on him.

Then a guard report to the warden that Queen have arrived, Luffy complain that if only he could use Haki.

Queen arrive, holding a picture of Komurasaki in his hand, he’s a big fan of her as well. His bounty is 1.32 billion.
He’s here to check if everything’s alright and the warden told him that they’ve got 3 problems;
Eustass Kid has escaped
Key to the handcuffs was stolen
Strawhat Luffy is going on a rampage right now

Queen stares and shout “why don’t you go after them!”

Ebisu Town
Law and the others were welcomed by Yasu, who told them that Zoro just left, it seems that his sword had been stolen.
Then they realize Sanji’s gone, they think he might be in the place that he wants to be.....

Nami, Robin and Shinobu arrived at the public bathhouse of the Flower Capital.
But it allows both gender!! Such a heaven!
A bunch of men stares at Nami and Robin and start drooling. One of them told Shinobu to get out of the way.
He received Egg Buster in response.

The topic returns to Hyogoro the Flower, who’s very kind to the citizens, completely different from the Kyoshiro they have right now.
Shinobu tells them that she used to work under Fukurokuju, but then she couldn’t accept how they obey every order from Orochi and decided to leave.

Luffy and Hyo were captured and send to Queen, Hyo beg that they let go of Luffy, which is of course impossible.

When Raizou’s very worried, he hears a voice, he demand the identity of the voice.
Voice: “ It’s me, Kawamatsu, is lord Momonosuke alright?”