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chapitre #934 spoiler

Message par Monkey D » mer. févr. 20, 2019 8:16 pm

Chapter 934: Hyogoro of Flower(don’t take the name seriously)

Cover:Usopp laying down on a picnic blanket, surrounded by parrots

Map of Wano: With the Flower Capital at the center, at the upper left is the Kibi area, down left the Udon area, where the mine is located. To the west the Kuri area; Headmountain, Bakura Town, and Amigasa Village. To the right of the Flower Capital there’re the Habu port and the graveyard of north. Onigasima is at the bottom of the map.

Luffy is threatened by the guard who ate the alpaca smile fruit, who stated that it’s impossible for him to break out with the handcuffs on him, and he will chop down his arms if he resist.

The old man in the mine is beaten by a guard with 6 legs, the old man swallow something when he panicked, the guard noticed it and Luffy come to his rescue with his handcuffs on. The results of this incident is unknown.
At the end, Queen of the three calamities arrived at the mine prison.

Total 15 pages

Break next week

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Re: chapitre #934 spoiler

Message par Kdom » jeu. févr. 21, 2019 2:58 pm

EtenBoby trans:

Near sea of Wano—
The Big Mom Pirates that fall from the waterfall are having a meeting about Big Mom’s rescue.
Perospero claim that since Big Mom’s vivre card is fine, it prove that she’s alive.
She’s probably captured by the enemy(Kaido).
Mont: even though they used to be crew mates, now that they’re both emperors, if mama’s caught, she could be kill
Perospero: *sign* looks like the BMP will be the Perospero Pirates from now on.
Daifuku’s not convinced: big bro pero, we haven’t decided who will be the new captain yet
Perospero: elders come first
Daifuku: let’s talk with strength
Smoothie: don’t just assume mama’s dead, she will come back, don’t judge her with common sense.

Outskirts of Kuri—

O-Tama is talking to Tengu via den den mushi. She told him about Big Mom and he won’t allow her to do such dangerous things.
But they already begin their journey, heading toward Udon on a big lizard.
Big Mom have a Wano style hair now.
Kiku show them the map of Wano.
Wano have 6 regions: Kuri(head mountain,Bakura Town, and Amigasa Village), Kibi(okobore town and another mountain), Flower Capital, ???(graveyard of north), hakubu?(Ebisu town, habu port), and Udon (prison mine).*
Momonosuke remembers the sword swinging signals that Zoro taught him.

At Nami group—

Shinobu’s explaining to everyone who Kyoshiro is.

20 years ago, he’s the boss of all gangsters in Wano, his name is—Hyogoro of Flower
Robin told everyone that she have found many information about about the day of the final battle.
Nami talks about the red poneglyph in Wano.
The citizens in the Flower Capital all starts crying when they learned that Komurasaki is dead.

Ebisu Town—

Sanji also cries about Komurasaki.
From the newspaper Law learned that Kid has already break out of the prison, but Luffy haven’t.

Prison Mine—

The Alpaca is threatening Luffy, and he will chop off his legs and arms if he dares resist.
The Scorpion guard is beating the old man, ordering him to say who’s been giving him the coupon.

Then, the all-star Queen arrives at the gate.