Jump festa 19

Préfixé de [SPOIL] si nécessaire et sans informations dans le titre ;)
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Jump festa 19

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Ce week end a eu lieu comme tous les ans le jump festa. C'est comme toujours l'occasion d'avoir quelques infos et illustrations :

Un manuscrit original :


Un message d'Oda :


Et merci à Sandman d'Arlongpark pour la trad :
Oda: Hi,everybody. Are you enjoying Jump Festa? I'm Eiichiro Oda-"sensei". (TN: Oda's joke)

Let me talk about ONE PIECE next year. 2019 is going to be a "super" year because of 20th anniversary for ONE PIECE anime!!
How many animes have been able to keep airing for 20 years!? That's something great.
I have my full gratitude on Fuji TV and Toei animation.
ONE PIECE staffs including me should make 2019 the year of full gratitude toward fans who have been supporting us.

You may have already heard about this, but we'll make a new film in 2019!! The title is "Stampede"!! Cool!!
I wanna see it soon!! But I'm not allowed to reveal info about the content of the film, so I'd like to give you a hint.
That's a film that we can create due to 20th anniversary!!

Unless OP anime enters 20th anniversary next year, I will not have allowed staffs to make such an entertaining film.
I talked anime staffs during several meetings, "Are you going to end ONE PIECE!?", but I finally approved since 2019 is an anniversary year.
I bet you can't help going to theaters. Look forward to the film and have fun with the festival 20th anniversary year!!

Speaking of manga, it's awesome!!
Core of a big story will be gradually focused with the life of Oden Kouzuki in Wano country! An unexpected incident will happen in Reverie!!

The project of ONE PIECE TV dramas is in progress! We'll give a big boost to anime, film, manga and TV drama, so don't miss it!!

December, 2018 Eiichiro Oda
Une photo des doubleurs :


Et Oda qui joue avec une marionette à l'effigie de Nami : https://twitter.com/Eiichiro_Staff/stat ... 2475718657