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[SPOIL]chapitre #948 spoiler

Publié : jeu. juil. 04, 2019 8:04 am
par Monkey D

Retainer of the Kouzuki Clan
Kawamatsu the Yokozuna
Kawamatsu: Kawamatsu the Kappa!!! Will now join the battle!!!


Raizou: True, we can only be the ghosts!!!
Chopper:Huh?!! You’re a man?!
Okiku: My heart is a girl❤️
Chopper(?): Your face is scary!!
Beasts Pirates: He’s the rival ninja of Fukurokuju, “Raizou of the Mist”!!
Beasts Pirates: Then who’s Luffytarou?!!
Babanuki: This is like those jokes lord Orochi brought up. I have to report this to Kaido-san in some way!!! that you’ve seen it, I would have to close your mouth