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[SPOIL]chapitre #942 spoils

Publié : jeu. mai 09, 2019 3:19 pm
par Monkey D
Merci à Etenboy
Chapter 942 “Daimyo of Hakumai” Shimotsuki Yasuie

Yasu remembers his past with Oden.
He’s born in Hakumai and was respected by the samurais, but young Oden only wants to head out to sea.

It shifted to Bakura Town, location of execution, Orochi’s subordinates are telling the people of Yasu’s crimes.
Yasu had lead people to act against Orochi’s force, therefore he shall be killed.
Even though he said he’s the Witching Hour Boy, but his true identity is the “Hakumai Daimyo” Shimotsuki Yasuie.
Now, Yasu reject the claim that he’s the Witching Hour Boy, he say that he only said so to cause disturbance.

Flower Capital: Entrance
A bunch of people from Ebisu tries to get into the Capital.
They learned that Yasuie’s not dead and are overjoyed, they try to see him again.
On the other hand, Otoko and the others are still on the way(Attention: Zoro’s not lost).

Shift back to Yasu.
He says that the Kouzuki clan has long lost the power to fight back, but because he couldn’t accept it he spread the rumor in the Capital and he needs to apologize for that.
Due to that picture many innocent people were arrested, all because of Orochi’s fear.

That’s when Orochi arrives.

Yasu shouts to him: Let me said the spell that has been taunting you again; a narrow-minded man such as yourself can never catch up to Shogun Oden.

After that he was shot and executed, and Otoko and the others arrived.

The people all cries, but the people from Ebisu town were laughing with tears, including Otoko.
Zoro wants to stop them from laughing, but Hiyori stops him and tell him the reason; that’s just how they are, doesn’t matter if they’ve sad ,they can only laugh, their facial expressions have been taken from them, because of the SMILE fruit that Kaido and Orochi brought!