[SPOIL] Chapitre #708 spoils

Préfixé de [SPOIL] si nécessaire et sans informations dans le titre ;)
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Chapitre #708 spoils

Message par Monkey D » dim. mai 05, 2013 7:10 pm

De puis que nja est revenu c'est la folie @_@.

Bref Trad par CCC :
-While still talking, Chinjao attacks Luffy with a headbutt
-Back when he was at his prime, Chinjao's bounty was over 500 million
-Cavendish whips out one of the most prominent meitou ("famous blades," like the ones Tashigi is after), "Durandal," and stops Chinjao
-In the end, Chinjao is held back by his nakama (presumably Boo and Sai)
-After a comedy routine, Luffy sees his chance to get away and does so
-But a rumor is spreading that Luffy is around

B block fights
-Tank Lepanto goes down
-Elizabello and Dagama (laughs)
-Blue Gilly vs. Ricky
-Abdullah and Jeet are beaten by Bellamy

-Barto is taking a piss in the ring
-Hack attacks him from behind
-His attack is stopped, as if by an invisible barrier, and it greatly damages his hand, and he's defeated. Audience is shocked
-Barto laughs to himself
Aohige_AP a écrit :Yes, Hack went to punch Barto who's pissing, saying he's offending those who are taking this fight seriously.
Barto first acts all panicky as he's not done pissing yet as Hack does his 4000-tile breaking punch

But as Hack unleashes his punch, Barto does a "LOL just kiddin'", and Hack's fist takes the damage instead.

In other words, he totally trolled his ass. lol

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Re: Chapitre #708 spoils

Message par Momo » mer. mai 08, 2013 10:16 am

Aohige_AP a écrit :first part

Chinjao tells Luffy Garp was indeed the Devil to pirates back in the days
No matter how many decades pass, the wounds he took will not heal.
Cavendish asks if what he's saying is true, and Luffy tries to convince him he's "Lucy"
Chinjao says he'll have the grandson pay for this feud, to which Luffy tells him to go take it out on gramps, not him.

Cavendish puts a hand on his sword, saying if he really is Luffy, he'll kill him here and now.
Chinjao says if only he had realized about Dragon earlier, Luffy would never have been born.
He attacks with a headbutt, crushing the floor.

Fighters nearby notices Chinjao wrecking the place, and comments on how in his prime Chinjao was a 500million berry bounty.
Chinjao grows hair as he goes for another attack at Luffy.
Cavendish draws his sword telling Chinjao to back off, Luffy is his target. The sword is Durandal, one of the best swords in the world.
He counter attacks Chinjao's headbutt with Biken (Beautiful Sword) Blue Bird, a piercing attack, at Chinjao's head.
Chinjao's head is so tough, it actually stops the sword attack without letting it penetrate.

Chinjao's hair is gone again... he attacks with rapid secession of punches, and Caven ponders he won't win this fight by going easy.
Luffy jump on top of Chinjao, and punches him into the ground. It stops the old man, but doesn't hurt him at all.
Apparently Chnjao has split an arctic land with his headbutt in the past...!

Chinjao gets up, this time growing massive beard... and looming over the two young combatants like an enraged demon.
He says the two are pretty good, but nowhere near enough training to handle him.
Cavendish acknowledges Lucy must be Luffy, from seeing his strength.
Aohige_AP a écrit :Caven tells Luffy he's getting hated everywhere he goes, stealing his popularity, being born a grandchild of the devil, etc
Luffy is like "NONE of that is my fault!!!" lol
As Don Chinjao starts to go all out to take out both the younglings, his grand children come to stop him.
They don't know why their gramps is so mad, but tells him if they get disqualified now, their "true mission" will be hindered.

Luffy runs off and Cavendish goes to search for him. He plans to kill Luffy before the fight starts
Sai and Boo tells their grandfather if he wants to kill him, do so in the arena... they're in the same block after all.

As Luffy ponders what to do, rumor spreads about the Straw hat in the tournament.

Meanwhile in Block B
Tank Lepanto is taken out by Jeet and Abdulla.
There are only 30 people left in the arena. Degama is waiting a little longer to unleash the King Punch, he is confident it can take out anyone left standing. Blue Gilly is fighting Ricky one on one.
Jeet and Abdulla looks around for their next victim, when Bellamy comes to them and Stab both of their feet with knives and nail them to the ground.
He then grabs both of them by their mouth, and snaps their spine (or neck).
The crowd goes wild at Bellamy's cruelty.

The crowd cheers Hack for his immense strength, taking out competitors easily with his Fishman Karate.
Bartolomeo is taking a piss int he water, as the crowd watches in horror.
Hack approach him to attack him with 4000 tile fist, as he is dishonoring those who are fighting seriously.
At first Barto acts all worried but as Hack punch him, his fist is stopped by an invisible wall and he breaks his arm.
Barto laughs, as he was just pretending to panic.

Luffy doesn't recognize what just happened, and wonders what Barto just did.

End of chapter

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Re: Chapitre #708 spoils

Message par Momo » mer. mai 08, 2013 10:17 am

Aohige_AP a écrit :Bellamy scene is pretty badass.
He first nails their feet to the ground with knives, then grabs their mouth, front-flips over to behind them and YANK down, snapping their neck backwards. Sweet.
Aohige_AP a écrit :Oh, I read it wrong. He's not growing hair, he's just doing a back-flip lol. That's his beard.
He kinda looks like those funny faces where you can flip to make beard look like hair lol

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Re: Chapitre #708 spoils

Message par Momo » mer. mai 08, 2013 10:25 am


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Re: Chapitre #708 spoils

Message par Momo » mer. mai 08, 2013 10:33 am

CCC a écrit : "he's a flesh eater," but that's the way that Japanese talk about [internet] trolling/mocking, as Aohige has explained. And that's exactly what Barto is doing. Being obnoxious and flame-baiting in order to rile up people who take things too seriously, like Hack.
Script de CCC d'Arlong Park :
CCC a écrit :Chapter 708
“Colosseum of Knaves”
Cover Story:
“Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World”
“Volume 27”
“The meat pie loving Commander Gabull was granny’s now-deceased grandson”
Page 2:
Blurb: “A legendary past!”
Don: “In the past, Garp was regarded as a demon by pirates…!!”
“Even with the passing of many decades, my scars have not faded…!!!”
Cavendish: “You, are you really…!!?”
Luffy: “No, no… that’s wrong.”
“I’m “Lucy””
Sfx: *shink*
Don: “As the grandson of the begrudged, you will give me my satisfaction…”
Luffy: “Take it out on gramps, not me!!”
Don: “So really are his grandson then!?”
Luffy: “Ah! No, that’s wrong! I’m Lucy”
Cavendish: “If you’re really Strawhat Luffy…!!!”
“I’ll cut you down right here!!!”
Don: “If I had become aware of the existence of his son, Dragon, sooner…”
Page 3:
Don: “You never would have been born into this world!!!”
Luffy: “Uwahh!!!”
Guy: “Hey, what’s going on!?”
“Don Chinjao’s on a rampage!!?”
“That’s bad, isn’t it!!”
Luffy: “Hold on, now, mister!!”
Cavendish: “Give me that beard!!!”
Luffy: “Cut it out! No!!!”
Page 4:
Guy: “This is no joke!! I don’t know how much he’s weakened since then…”
“But he had a bounty over 500 million in his prime!!!”
Cavendish: “You bastard, Don Chinjao!!!”
“Don’t get in my way!! This is my prey!!!”
Guy: “Cavendish has drawn his sword!!!”
“That’s…!! It’s “Durandal,” one of the world’s greatest blades!!!”
Don: “Here we go!!!”
Cavendish: “Biken”
TN: Butou = “battle head”, Biken = “beautiful sword” (ßnote to editor. Please include this)
Page 5:
Cavendish: “Bluebird!!!”
Guy: “Whoa!! It pierced right through his head…”
“…Or not!!! They’re matching each other!!!”
“Durandal was stopped!!?”
“A head that can’t be stabbed…”
“...And the power to stop such a giant in his tracks! These guys aren’t human!!!”
Cavendish: “Mu!!”
Page 6:
Cavendish: “…Like I thought”
“Can’t cut any corners if you want to bring this guy down…”
Luffy: “…Bastard”
“I said knock it off!!!”
Page 7:
Guys: “Uohh!! He kicked Chinjao’s ass!!!”
“What’s with that little bearded guy!!?”
Don: “Hiya haya”
Guys: “Wahh!!! It had no effect!!!”
“The legend, could it be true…!?”
“That he once broke an arctic continent with a headbutt…!!”
“A whole continent!?”
Luffy: “Even though I hit him that hard…”
Don: “Hiyahoho… You two seem to have talent…”
“But it’s far too soon for you to be facing me…!!”
Cavendish: “…That strength, there’s no doubt about it… seems like you really are Strawhat…!!”
Luffy: “Just leave me alone already!!”
Page 8:
Cavendish: “Stealing people’s popularity… being born the grandson of a demon…”
“You sure are good at getting people to hate you…!!”
Luffy: “I never knew about either of those things!!”
“I mean… I’m Lucy!!”
Don: “If you’re intent on getting in my way, I’ll bury you with him, young knight!!!”
Sai: “Hold on, gramps!!! That’s as far as you go!!!”
Don: “Uohhhhhhh!!!”
Boo: “You’ll be disqualified if you go wild here!!!”
Guy: “Uohh!!!”
“It’s Sai and Boo from Kanokuni!!!”
Don: “Take your hands off of me, precious grandchildren…!!!”
Sai: “No way. I don’t know what this is about, but you have to stop!!!”
Don: “I’ve finally found him! The bloodline of that detestable Garp!!!”
Boo: “If you’re disqualified now, then we can’t achieve”
“Our real objective in entering this tournament!! Gramps!”
Page 9:
Guard: “Hey, what are you people doing over there!!?”
“If you’re starting a fight outside of the ring, then we’re kicking you out!!!”
Cavendish: “It’s the staff members… Well I don’t care if they do kick me out. I’m still gonna…!!”
“Where’d he go!?”
Sai: “Gramps!! That little shit with the fake beard…”
“We’re in C-block with him…!!”
Don: “Nuu”
Boo: “If you wanna kill him…”
“Do it during the match!!!”
Cavendish: “I won’t let him get away!!”
“I will take his life before the match even starts”
Guy: “What was all the ruckus?”
“I think I heard someone say “Strawhat”…”
“Strawhat, huh…”
Page 10:
“Like the pirate, “Strawhat Luffy”!?”
“Is he a participant!?”
“No way”
Sfx: *dangle*
Luffy: “…….”
“Even though I promised Franky I wouldn’t let anyone know who I was…”
Announcer: “And Tank is down!!!”
Luffy: “Oh…”
Announcer: “Squad commander of Dressrosa’s self defense army!!!”
“Tank Lepanto is out of the running!!!”
“He fell prey to the brutality of Abdullah and Jeet!!!”
Page 11:
Jeet: “Hoi!!! Shihahaha”
Guy: “Wah”
Audience: “Nothing but dirty tricks from them”
“Squad Commander Tank!!!”
Announcer: “In no time at all, over 100 contestants have been eliminated”
“Only 30 remain in the ring!!!”
King: “Shi”
Dagama: “Just a bit more…! No matter which troublesome bastards are still standing, as long as we have the King Punch…”
Blue Gilly: “Hyao!!”
Abdullah: “Who’s next!?”
Jeet: “Who wants their blood spilled!!?”
Page 12:
Announcer: “Someone is assaulting that brutal pair!!!”
Both: “Gyahhhh!!!”
Sfx: *jam*
Sfx: *crunch*
Abdullah: “Buppu”
Jeet: “Upu!!”
Abdullah: “Agagagagaga…!!”
Abdullah: “Hogeah!!!”
Announcer: “It’s Bellamy!!!”
Jeet: “Ogo!!!”
Page 13:
Audience: “Bellamy!!!”
Announcer: “How cruel!! How atrocious!! It’s like those words…”
“Were made for this man!!!”
Audience: “Hey, take a look!! That fishman is strong!!!”
“How thrilling!!!”
“That’s the famous “Fishman karate”!!”
“He’s been racking up one-hit KO’s for a while now!!! How cool!!”
Announcer: “There’s another man smashing through the competition explosively!!”
“It’s the fishman fighter, Hack!!!”
Hack: “Sei!!!”
Announcer: “And on the other side…”
Sfx: *click click* *zip*
Audience: “Look! What’s he doing!?”
Page 14:
Luffy: “Huh?”
Announcer: “I’m… I’m speechless!!!”
Lady: “Kyahh!!!”
Announcer: “Just how long are you going to keep pissing people off, Bartolomeo!!!”
Audience: “Make him stop!!”
“Why’s no one kicking his ass!!?”
Announcer: “In front of this enormous audience, he’s decided to brazenly do his business!!!”
“Never in the history of this colosseum have we seen such foolishness!!!”
Barto: “Ahhh… what a relief…”
Announcer: “Isn’t there anyone who will stop him!!?”
“Hmm!? It appears there is!!”
Hack: “There are people here taking this tournament seriously, brat…”
“So forgive me… for attacking you from behind”
Barto: “Eh!?”
Hack: “Four Thousand Tile…!!!”
Barto: “Oi…!! Wait! Don’t attack this defenseless man…”
Sfx: *pssssss*
Announcer: “Our hero has appeared! The fishman fighter, Hack”
Audience: “Do it!! Make him pay, Hack!!!”
Page 15:
Hack: “Punch!!!!”
Sfx: *SNAP*
Barto: “…Oh no.”
Announcer: “Eh!?”
“What did he do!!? The one on the ground is Hack!!! What the hell!!?”
Luffy: “What was that?”
Announcer: “Just what are you, Bartolomeo!!?”
Blurb: “A masterful display of trolling!!”

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Re: Chapitre #708 spoils

Message par Sigurico » mer. mai 08, 2013 12:16 pm